Thursday, April 7, 2011

'''''''''everbody is now an Admin...

Embrace your Emotions - find your inner woo. it's like monsters in your pocket. or creatures in your head. pagan creatures. So, with hopes that this blog can join the ranks of the great many obsolescent blogs of the future, we are going to start detailing the creations of our musics here whenever we forget that words are actually useless.., also, i think we are going to go through with our plan to start releasing our back catalogue of recordings on BANDCAMP (@ .... these recordings are to be FREE ., check in with us in about a week for the first installment..,

how do you change the settings? how do you cut the grass?

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  1. upon closing this window, open your own! jump if you must, into the air below. catch a fist of thunder as you fall. look up and watch your place float into the sky. don't remain in one place. seek moons, and lakes.